Mugwort Anointing Oil

Get in touch with your intuition, lucid dreaming, heightened awareness and inspiration~

I prepared this oil  (Mugwort Midnight Oil, fragrant anointing oil for intuition, dream magic) by cold infusing over weeks, fresh wild Mugwort from wild areas in the Northeast. I used some Mugwort oil on my disco-weary feet before bed, for the pain relieving properties of Artemisia vulgaris. I woke up with a complete poem that had to be written down, spirit guidance and a song!
This doesn’t happen to me often and I suspect this lovely plant has something to do with it. I have been enjoying Mugwort in dream pillows and tea, however the potency of the oil took me by surprise. Now I want everyone to try it!

Apply a drop on your third eye area for heightened intuition.
Rub on feet or pulse points before sleep, for dreams and inspiration~

Ingredients: extra virgin organic olive oil organic jojoba oil, infused Artemisia vulgaris, infused Amethyst, love.



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